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Mon Dec 2, 2013, 11:48 PM

Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi

Hey all! This is everyone's wish lists from the group FF7-RP

I'm putting down everyone's wish lists here so that anyone can choose to make a gift for anyone. I've already assigned Secret Santa's, these lists are just here in case you want to make a gift for other people along with your already assigned Secret Santa. For example, my Secret Santa is so and so, but I've decided to make a gift for a few more people here too. 

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment! 

Remember, make sure to have your gift uploaded on dA any time before December 25th. Do not tell anyone who your Secret Santa is, and don't tell anyone you're making a gift for him/her. The results of who gave who what will be posted in FF7-RP 's next group journal. The journal will be posted on the 25th. 



But anyway, here are the lists!

Bullet; Red Aerith Gainsborough DecrepitMinuet aka Denzel
Bullet; Red Tifa Lockhart MommaSammu
Bullet; Red Genesis Rhapsodos Seraphim210 aka Cloud
Bullet; Red Vincent Valentine Fantasized-Teravan
Bullet; Red Lucrecia Crescent Yumeih
Bullet; Red Jenova Sartanis
Bullet; Red Yazoo EragonJediGirl357
Bullet; Red Rude Talliya
Bullet; Red Marlene Wallace Jun-Himekawa
Bullet; Red Reno grandpatoenail
Bullet; Red Sephiroth RadiusZero
Bullet; Red Cloud Strife Seraphim210 
Bullet; Red Zack Fair DreamOfDiscord
Bullet; Red Rufus Shinra 1000ShinigamiRoses
Bullet; Red Cissnei Keiyaga-Mazaki
Bullet; Red Nanaki / RedXIII AyameLibertine aka Seto
Bullet; Red Hojo MinkoZerro aka Don Corneo
Bullet; Red Shaula VegasLibertine
:bulletred: Kadaj AmaneYara
:bulletred: Tseng Tseng-Akera
:star: Tsatan Kasimere

Tseng's Wishlist: 
:bulletgreen: Tseng x Angeal fluff or comedy
:bulletgreen: Tseng x Genesis fluff or comedy 
:bulletgreen: Loves Christmas-y stuff
:bulletgreen: Favorite color is purple
:bulletgreen: Likes Black Butler
:bulletgreen: Likes Ouran 

Kadaj's Wishlist: 
:bulletpurple: Anything Pokemon
:bulletpurple: Anything Homestuck
:bulletpurple: Anything Attack on Titan
:bulletpurple: Anything Inuyasha
:bulletpurple: Anything Black Butler
:bulletpurple: Anything Steampunk
:bulletpurple: Anything Hetalia

Reno's Wishlist:
:bulletred:That epic kiss at the end of any good romance you always wait for LOL
:bulletred:The Turks being badass 
:bulletred:*pictures Reno smoking while Rude interrogates their target* Yeah, i'm messed up XD
:bulletred:Reno trolling Rufus or being fabulous
:bulletred:dah fireplace on a cold winter night ^-^

Seto's Wishlist:
:bulletorange: Zell x seifer/squall/selphie
:bulletorange: Aerith x Zack/sephiroth
:bulletorange: Nanaki x Deneh
:bulletorange: Nanaki and Seto haveing a father/son bonding moment
:bulletorange: fav colors are red and black
:bulletorange: uhm... ayame x (get ready for this...) seph/gen/zack/cloud/vincent/cid/reno/rude
:bulletorange: I like cute and romantic things...
:bulletorange: I like MLP and doctor who >.>

Rufus's Wishlist:
:bulletyellow: Rufus X Tseng
:bulletyellow: Penguins and/or Puffins
:bulletyellow: Otters
:bulletyellow: Green and Purple
:bulletyellow: RWBY
:bulletyellow: White Chocolate
:bulletyellow: Szayel

Sephiroth's Wishlist:
:bulletblack: Cloud x Sephiroth scene (romantic or sexy) – either written or painted/drawn - premise: Sephiroth visits the Honeybee Inn and sees Cloud working there in 'disguise'
:bulletblack: Sephiroth x Mitochondria Eve (of Parasite Eve/ romantic or sexy) – either written or painted/drawn - premise: Mitochondria Eve meets her 'ideal mate' at the opera house
:bulletblack: Drawing of Sephiroth with Winter (his baby chocobo) - premise: Winter celebrates her first Christmas with Sephiroth  
:bulletblack: Sephiroth Chibi (funny/comedy)
:bulletblack: Funny Sephiroth meme
:bulletblack: Sephiroth wallpaper
:bulletblack: Sephiroth animated gif
:bulletblack: Cupcakes or Cookies
:bulletblack: Sweet/Sour candy
:bulletblack: Cheeto Puffs or Hot Cheetos @_@

Denzel's Wishlist:
:bulletblue: Any of my oc's from Alchemiya (own comifdiujfdgjh...stuff) 
:bulletblue: Zack x Aerith
:bulletblue: Cloud...who didn't see that one coming @___x.....Or Denzel 
:bulletblue: I like Blue..uhh..wolfs..and..Ghost Adventures <== prob not relevant. 
:bulletblue: Roxas too! =D 
:bulletblue: uhh...all i can think of at the moment. 

Yazoo's Wishlist:
:bulletgreen: The Remnants (something cute and/or involving brotherly love)
:bulletgreen: Sephiroth epicness
:bulletgreen: Marlene + Yazoo fluff (PLATONIC!)
:bulletgreen: Tifa epicness (AC costume)
:bulletgreen: Zack being adorable Zack
:bulletgreen: These can be pictures or short fanfics, it doesn't matter to me. ^_^ Secret Santa last year was fun, I'm looking forward to this one!

Lucrecia's Wishlist:
:bulletgreen: Young Sephiroth, young Genesis and young Angeal.
:bulletgreen: Reeves and Cait Sith
:bulletgreen: Lucrecia and Sephiroth/young Sephiroth
:bulletgreen: Tifa ~<3
:bulletgreen: Aerith and Tifa smiling
:bulletgreen: Reno teasing Elena
:bulletgreen: Someone from ff7 riding a Chocobo

Kasimere's Wishlist: (AKA TSATAN/EX-TSENG)
:bulletwhite: Ethan Hawke
:bulletwhite: Church (OC, Ask for Ref pics) 
:bulletwhite: Futurama
:bulletwhite: Phobs
:bulletwhite: Cowboy bebop
:bulletwhite: Dafoe
:bulletwhite: Loki and Thor 
:bulletwhite: Bat country

Marlene's Wishlist:
:bulletpink: Yazoo and Marlene Fluff.
:bulletpink: Everyone in the RP group.
:bulletpink: The FF7 Theme, JENOVA. 
:bulletpink: Remixes of FF7 music.
:bulletpink: Dean Ambrose related stuff
:bulletpink: Dissidia humor

Vincent's Wishlist:
:bulletred: A nice Christmas-like shot of Vincent (maybe he's even happy ^_^)
:bulletred: Vincent x Lucrecia
:bulletred: A picture of my OC Jesse (December is his birthday month)
:bulletred: A picture of my OC Peter (water and ice are his elements)
:bulletred: Horses (I am a major horse lover)
:bulletred: *My favorite colors are pink, purple and blue, but I especially love any shades of blue, silver and white--winter colors. ^.^  These colors would be incorperated into whatever is done.  Oh, and maybe some snow!
:bulletred: I love a little bit of glitter/glistening, so that would be a nice edition to whatever is done too.
:bulletred: It's a small list...hehe, but maybe it'll do. ^_^

Cissnei's Wishlist:
:bulletorange: Jasmine: I like wolves
:bulletorange: plushies
:bulletorange: purple,necklaces
:bulletorange: cute stickers o.o
:bulletorange: Pairs I like are Yuffie x Vincent and Reno x Cissnei x.x

Don's Wishlist:
:bulletyellow: Anything Yuffie related
:bulletyellow: Dragons
:bulletyellow: Some art of DON so the interent can have more then 3 pictures of the bastard
:bulletyellow: Anything Code Geass
:bulletyellow: Kitty-stuff
:bulletyellow: It would be of my character, my most beloved one, Minko Zerro

Shalua's Wishlist: 
:bulletpink: I suppose I would prefer the pic to be like of her in the process of being taken over by some sort of evil machine or person or hojo or  Yeah, actually, on second thought...just something evil as heck going on between her and Hojo.

Tifa's Wishlist:
:bulletpurple: Tifa and Crew as Pirates (drawing or fic)
:bulletpurple: Tifa and Gen, he's reading and she wants to snuggle, ends up reading his book with him/cutesey stuff.  Fic or Pic.
:bulletpurple: VanillexFang as Pirates
:bulletpurple: Anything romantic with TifaxGen, Cloud, or Seph
:bulletpurple: Elena/Tseng romance is good too >.<

Cloud's Wishlist:
:bulletwhite: You could draw my OC, Yuri.…
:bulletwhite: Anything Cloud related
:bulletwhite: I LOVE WINTER AND CLOUD TOGETHER GIHEGKFEMDWEF (Winter is the name of the baby chocobo RadiusZero created.)
:bulletwhite: Winter!!!! The chocobo. //Dies//. You can ask Sephiroth for references of the chocobo! Or you could ask me o_O
:bulletwhite: Anything CloudxZack related
:bulletwhite: Anything CloudxSephiroth related
:bulletwhite: Cloud and Squall chillen' 
:bulletwhite: Anything Squall related
:bulletwhite: You could write me a poem of randomness
:bulletwhite: You could paint me anything you think I might like
:bulletwhite: You could just give me hugs
:bulletwhite: I like cool colors, black and gray. 
:bulletwhite: I love Tom Hiddleston
:bulletwhite: I love Josh Hutcherson
:bulletwhite: Supernatural

Rude's Wishlist:
:bulletblack: Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)
:bulletblack: Trowa Barton/Triton Bloom (Gundam Wing)
:bulletblack: Books (The Deed of Paksenarrion)
:bulletblack: Fanfiction
:bulletblack: Final Fantasy 8

Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi



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You can donate here for the group FF7-RP or just to help me out in general! Thank you so much! :love: n_n

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Half Body and Full Body Commissions
Allen as Debitto by Seraphim210
Church Rosefeld by Seraphim210
cloud strife close up by Seraphim210
Squall Leonhart - Dissidia by Seraphim210
Here are a few examples of half body and full body commissions. The prices can vary. (Usually 1-5 dollars, I am very flexible with prices and points both.) They can be paid either with points or with USD (paypal). Thanks! 
Two People - Full or Half Body
And I should've bought you flowers... by Seraphim210
Zack x Cloud - Happy Birthday To The Ground by Seraphim210
Turk Vincent x Lucrecia - Burnt Promise by Seraphim210
Two people commissions are more expensive, but once again - I'm flexible. 
Sketch/Lineart Commissions
Loneliness - Clerith by Seraphim210
Ach Doodle by Seraphim210
Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 1.57.01 PM copy by Seraphim210
Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 4.25.17 PM by Seraphim210
Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.18.47 AM by Seraphim210
Sketches and Lineart. (I usually do lineart, but it's up to you). These are the cheapest. 
Squall and Seifer Awkward Chibis by Seraphim210
D.Gray-Man B-Day Comic Pt 1 by Seraphim210
Chibi's On Crack - FFVII by Seraphim210
Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.03.22 AM by Seraphim210
Extremely cheap. Not many examples on here, but I can make much more elaborate Chibis than the ones shown. Color or not colored, up to you


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